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Happy 1st Birthday!

Today, this sweet newborn is celebrating her 1st birthday, so I know I’m a year late on posting these photos — but I can’t think of a better day to relive how precious and small this darling little girl used to be. Those tiny, wrinkly feet that used to fit in her mama’s hands are now getting ready to run around.  Gone are the sweet newborn sounds…they’ve been replaced by belly laughs.  And that wispy hair is now long enough for clips and bows.  My, how time flies.

Happy birthday little girl!  Looking forward to capturing your one year milestone next month!

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July 20, 2014 - 9:51 am

Kimberly Seldal - Thank you for posting these and for your intro. SheShe’s changed so much. I can’t wait to see your one-year pictures. You do such amazing photos. Thanks a bunch.


One of the most fun and rewarding parts of my photography business is taking pictures of my friends and their families. I am always so flattered and honored that of all the people they could ask to photograph them, they choose little ol’ me. It can also be a bit terrifying because I know these people. I know their personalities. I have seen their love and happiness and I always hope that I am able to capture it in photos in an authentic way.

In this case, I know what a challenging year it has been for my dear friend and her beautiful family, so I know how much it means to them to have these photos.

They’re pretty darn cute, aren’t they?




Tiny golfer

Little Dylan is probably close to a year old now and maybe he’s close to hitting the greens. His dad’s a big golfer, so I had to incorporate a shot of his adorable golf shoes.


The One Year Milestone

This little boy is just one example of why I love photographing one year-olds. They love to explore. When they experience something new, they light up. They are so cute when they toddle. They don’t hold back from a hearty laugh. When they’re not smiling, they can stop you in your tracks with “that look.” They’re a big kid now, yet they’re still a baby in so many ways. That in between stage is so sweet.


Summer time with the Lamb family

I’ve clearly been a very bad blogger as of late, since my last post was in January (yikes!) and this session I’m sharing with you today was done last summer (double yikes!). My new year’s resolution was to blog more. Clearly, I have completely failed. So, I am now making a “Half Year Resolution” — and I hope you’ll hold me accountable! Starting next week, I’ll be blogging twice a week until I catch up on sharing all of my photo sessions and sprinkle in a few personal blog posts with my own kiddos.

This beautiful family is one of my faves and I’ve had so much fun watching them grow — and photographing both girls’ milestones in their first year.

This was Clara’s 1-year photo session. Her newborn session is here and her 6-month session is here.